Prof.Hayet HSINI
Trainer and Translator

  • Advanced digital educator
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator certified.
  • Wakelet Innovative Educator certified.
  • Mote Innovative Educator certified.
  • Kami Innovative Educator certified.
  • Minecraft Innovative Educator certifie
  • Global Mentor
  • Top ten American Cop Alumni Member

  Awarded the prestigious National and European Quality Labels for both eTwinning projects on climate category

  Awarded the Excellence In Inclusive Education Award from EDUCOS Unit of Scholars and COSMOS International Research University

  Global Edu Leader Award 2021 by International Council for Educators by International Internship University

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) World Peace for education
  • Global Country Co-Ordinator
  • Yes You Can Ambassador
  • Chilparco International Ambassador
  • 21st DIGISKILLZ Ambassador
  • Assistant Research Fellow Member Independent Perception and Research Hub
  • Positive Thoughts Country Advisor
  • Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain (SPSC) Ambassador
  • Global Ambassador SDG4/ All Indian Educators Forum
  • Global Co- Ordinator International Youth Development Council- IIU
  • World Social Craft Foundation International Institute for Advanced Academics Soft Skills and Life Learning WSCF- I2A2S2L2
  • Global Education Network GEN Global Executive Member