Dr.Mona Abd El-Fattah Ramadan Khadry

Practical experiences: - Arbitrator to evaluate student projects for science and engineering fairs in Suez Governorate for several years and to obtain many certificates of appreciation

- External auditor at the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education

- Training module references for many exercises in the Teacher's Professional Academy

Training on the knowledge bank in promotion training - designing electronic tests and questionnaires

- Designing interactive digital content for the home economics course on tablets

- Designing interactive digital content on the scholastic learning management program to learn scientific research and entrepreneurship

- Participation in the rehabilitation of young people for the labor market for free - Participation in the training of teachers on the Teachers First Program

Training home economics teachers on exemplary preparation and formulation of educational objectives

- Participation in annual exhibitions of the material at the governorate level

- Creating a home economics teacher page and group, and I am proud to spread awareness and exchange experiences between teachers as well as the community

- Making permanent exhibitions of the subject in all schools.