Dr.Elsa Sarkis
Translator & Interpreter

Areas of Expertise

▪     Translating Documents & Interpreting 

▪     Content Writing & Development 

▪     Proofreading & Interpreting 

▪     Research & Development

▪     Scientific, Technical, Military, Law enforcement, Medical, environmental     ▪     Cultural Intelligence

▪     Customer Service

▪     Time Management

▪     Team Leadership

▪     Remote Interpreting and RSI (Zoom interpretation, KUDO)     ▪     Quality Assurance & Control

▪     Effective Communication 

▪     Issues & Conflicts Resolution

▪     Multi-lingual Expertise

▪     Trados SDL Studio (CAT)

Career History

Instructor | Lebanese International University, Bekaa, Lebanon     Oct 2018 to Present

Assume accountability for proctoring and grading exams and assignments along with as dynamic instructor to teach Arabic <> English economic, technical, and UN translation in addition to consecutive interpretation courses.

Key Contributions:

▪     Played an integral role as instructor for various materials, including ENG <> AR consecutive interpretation, ENG <> AR economic translation, and AR > ENG introduction to translation. 

▪     Credited with optimising student’s translation and interpretation skills along with supporting students to gain personal confidence in consecutive interpretation and public speaking.

Translator and Interpreter | Multiple Engagements, Oman, Bahrain     July 2011 to Present

Select Projects

Siyak/Babylon Translation

▪     Translated technical documents on several topics, including creative and SEO writing, legal, banking, finance, economic, HR, marketing, literary, technical, medical, law enforcement, and fighting terrorism and terrorism financing.

▪     Used TRADOS SDL studio in several projects and still working on enhancing CAT related skills.

Various Conferences

▪     Delivered consecutive interpretation for a combat first aid course conducted by the Canadian Army and delivered to the Lebanese Army.

▪     Delivered (AR<>ENG<>FR) interpretation for different missions and conferences such as UNESCO, UN-Habitat, WISE conference, PACDA, RBPO, CISR, and FRTI courses for the Royal Omani Police, Women and women rights defenders, women empowerment, and Norwegian, French, and Swedish missions.

▪     Delivered remote simultaneous interpretation for various conferences and webinars.

Various Clients (Doctors Without Borders, UNHABITAT, UNESCO, Oman Diwan of Royal Court, Royal Omani Police, US Embassy in Oman, Women Now Organization, French, Norwegian, Swedish embassies, and Knowledge Workshop)

▪     Interpreted several online projects for UNESCO, International Medical Corps…

▪     Interpreted in UN HABITAT and UNESCO various conferences, acquired experience in global and regional heritage and urbanization.

▪     Interpreted in Qatar WISE and PACDA conferences related to education and fighting corruption respectively. 

▪     Achieved 5 technical security/anti-terrorism related courses, including military, law enforcement, and security.

▪     Received four certificates and several oral and written acknowledgements of extraordinary professional and interpersonal quality from the client.

▪     Ensured interpretation about the environmental aspect in Bekaa, pollution and waste crisis in the Litani area, served clients such as the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI).

▪     Ensured consecutive interpretation and document translation (French, Arabic, English) with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) NGO and EU election observation mission in Lebanon (Arabic < > English) during May 2018 elections in Lebanon (Baalbeck Hermel area).

▪     Provided high quality Arabic, French, and English translation for projects with distinguished companies dealing with high-level clients, such as Al Tarjuman, SDI Media, and Phoenix Consulting.

▪     Delivered highly technical texts with complex topics in the scientific, legal, logistics, medical, and marketing.

Career Note: Assisted Fr. Jean Maroun Maghames, Personal Assistant

Volunteering Experience

Spent one year in France to aid translate for refugee’s integration with local community, participated in World Youth Day in Poland. 

Volunteered for six months as Educator and Child mentor in Baabdat 

Member of a youth organization, participated in the organization of the youth synod where I was supposed to provide interpretation for the apostolic nuncio in Lebanon Mgr. Gabriel Caccia, recently elected as the organizations secretary. 

Other Achievements

Participated in a UN interpretation training with Lingua International

Participated in several interpretation trainings and PIPS and IBPG practice sessions

Underwent trainings pertaining to Technical and HSE introductions to the Oil and Gas industries.

Currently undergoing an entrepreneurship training session for the creation of Bikes in the city of Zahle while solving several environmental issues.

Participated in a Master's degree thesis on exoskeletons, Lebanese University 

Translated an integral book on international politics 

Undergone TOT training on life and soft skills

Able to attend Bridge the Gap Training

Educational Background

Diploma in interpretation (Masrters)| Holy Spirit University, Kaslik, Lebanon

BA in translation | Holy Spirit University, Kaslik, Lebanon

Technical Proficiencies: Internet Surfing | Microsoft Office Suite

(Languages: Arabic, French, and English (excellent) | Spanish (basic