Ms. Mariam Ayed
Trainer and Translator

  • -Intern at Maxidex agency
  • from Dec. 2020 till Feb. 2021 as content creator
  • -Intern at AL4SAGIA Initiative From Dec. 2020 till Jan. 2021
  • I was trained in HR, Business, Communication and Presentation skills. I was HR leader. I was responsible for following the team and evaluating them.
  • I was responsible for marketing the entity and submitting all the required tasks Civil Volunteering work
  • -At Anwar Resale form Jan.2021 til now
  • Content creator and Moderator at marketing committee.
  • -At Linguatism from Dec. 2020 till now and manage the page.
  • Member at Social media committee .I creat content and manage the page. Courses

Content creation at Rtc (March 2021) Digital marketing at HR school (Jan 2021) Customer service at HTBT (October 2020)