Dr. Batoul Yousef Salman.
(PCT)Kingston Business Academy Senior of Translation, Cultural Consultancy and Exam Quality Assurance.

English Senior Advisor

• Head of the Accredited Translation Diploma Program

• Adviser to the Kingston Academy for Translation, Cultural Affairs and Examination Quality.

• Regional coordinator for the TESOL project.

• Ph.D. in translation and localization.

• A sworn translator in the Syrian Ministry of Justice.

• A former lecturer at the American University.

• Ambassador of Peace and Support for Women 2021.

• Director of the Aleph Education and Life Skills Support Project.

• Director of Aleph International Academy in Syria.

• Certified International Coach for International Exams IELTS, TOEFL

• Director of the Translation and Life Project with the United Nations.

• A Syrian businesswoman in the Business Women's Office

IEUK National Representative and Cultural Consultant